Fintech powerhouse London CV Labs

🌟 Olaf Hannemann & Lukas Etter from CV Labs hosted the Fintech Powerhouse in the House of Commons at the Palace of Westminster.

We were joined by Portfolio Startups such as, Coinrule (YC S21)Revix and ServBlock as well London based VC’s and Bank Experts from JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Bank Frick.

Special thanks to all speakers and contributors of that evening such as:

✦ Emma Landriault from JPMorgan Chase & Co.

✦ Oleg Giberstein & Gabriele Musella from Coinrule (YC S21)

✦ Anatoly Crachilov from Nickel Digital Asset Management

✦ Maximilian Morris Oehninger from Bank Frick

✦ Patrick Martin from Alpha Sigma Capital

✦ Lutz-Peter Berg from Swiss Embassy London

✦ Adam Parnell from Liminal – Wallet Infrastructure & Custody Solution

✦ Eric Wragge from Algorand Foundation

✦ Sean Andrew Sanders from Revix

✦ Jeanette Seng from (Crypto Club Global)

✦ John Ward from ServBlock

Thank you CV VC for bringing so many talents together! See you all again! 👏

#BCPLabs #FinTech #crypto #web3 #venturecapital



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