We break down barriers in crypto investments.

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BCP Partners break down barriers in crypto investments.


Decentralized finance is already a multi-billion-dollar industry.
Traditional and retail investors are so far locked out from this high-yield investment category.


We unlock VC fund investments for everyone through tokenization.

BCP Partners Investment Strategy,VC Web3, Crypto ETF

About us

Our expertise

Founded in Berlin in 2018.
Over 6 years of web3 / DeFi know-how.
Trusted network with exclusive access
to the Unicorn VC space.

Our track record

14 projects.
Investment volume over €100 mio, with a 60/40 split in tokens & equity.

Our capabilities

We are 1st mover, focussing on hybrid equity rounds and tokenization (security & utility tokens) within the regulated space in Germany & Switzerland.

What are Crypto ETFs?

Cryptocurrency ETFs provide a regulated, secure, and wallet-free route for investors to access the crypto market.


ETHDenver 2024

WOW, what a week ETHDenver. Key takeaways are all great news: 💻 #BUIDL FOMO and the growth sentiment in web3 are back. 💸 VCs are back on track. We

Fintech powerhouse London CV Labs

🌟 Olaf Hannemann & Lukas Etter from CV Labs hosted the Fintech Powerhouse in the House of Commons at the Palace of Westminster. We were joined by Portfolio Startups such as, Coinrule


🌐💡 w3.fund hosted us at DMEXCO – Digital Marketing Expo & Conference 23 with attendees from a whopping 91 different nations. It was a fascinating

Blockchain in Use Conference 2023

🌐 Exciting BerChain Member Contributions at the Blockchain in Use Conference! 🚀 We’re thrilled to showcase our members’ impactful presentations at the upcoming Blockchain In